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Insurance Group


Life Insurance

and Long-Term Care Solutions for

 the whole

DelMarVa Peninsula

Free life insurance quotes in less than 1 minute!

HOw to Provide for Your Loved Ones
Insurance to Protect Your Business
How to Preserve Your Legacy with Insurance
Provide for Your Loved Ones

Who is going to supplement your income if you were to pass away tomorrow? 

Protect Your Business

Do you have a plan in place to buy/sell shares in your business if you or your partner passes?  

Preserve Your Legacy

Do you know how funeral costs, business debt and estate taxes will be  paid when you pass away?

You can get life insurance from any company out there so what makes us different?

SERVICE - We are an independent insurance group that will work to get you the best quote available.  We excel in communication and are committed to ensuring that your experience with us is exceptional.  We will keep you informed during each step of the process and continue to make sure you are getting the best rate after your policy is in force.

WE DON'T SELL, WE EDUCATE - We are not here to give you an over-the-top sales pitch.  We offer honest advice and educate you on your choices so that you can be assured your making the best decision for you and your family. 

Term Life Insurance

Provides financial security

for your loved ones for

a select period of time

Permanent Life


Provides a lifetime of 

coverage and potential 

cash growth 

Long-Term Care

When a person needs

long-term care, an LTCI

 plan can minimize the financial and emotional impact of the situation.

Free life insurance quotes

in less than 1 minute!

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